Civic Disaster Recovery, LLC (CDR) is a specialty firm providing highly skilled and experienced professionals to the federal government following natural or man-made disasters. Our staff may work in any state or territory of the United States. Disaster deployment is usually on short notice and may require being away from home several months. Typically, deployment durations are three to six months, but can be shorter
or longer. Basic expenses while deployed are reimbursed at CONUS rates including hotel, meals, rent-a-car, and airfare to and from the assignment.

CDR is interested in qualified professionals for possible deployment. You must be a citizen of the United States and must be able to pass a government background check. Below are listed the professional job descriptions CDR is currently considering and the basic education qualifications required. CDR is particularly interested in those with previous verifiable FEMA disaster experience. The following professional job classifications require a four-year degree, a professional registration, and a minimum
of ten years of experience in the field of expertise. All experience must be recent
and verifiable:

Certified Public Accountant or Accountant (especially those with forensic accounting experience); Appraiser; Arborist; Architect; Architectural Historian; Archaeologist;
BIM Modeler; Biologist; Chemical Engineer; Civil Engineer; Coastal Engineer; Electrical Engineer (especially those with experience estimating disaster related power line storm damage); Environmental Planner; Financial Analyst; Geologist; GIS Specialist; Health Scientist; Historical Architect; Horticulturist; Hydrologist; Insurance Specialist (requires minimum 10 years recent active commercial property claims experience and 10 years recent active NFIP flood claims experience); Landscape Architect; Mechanical Engineer; Planner (general); Soils/Geotechnical Engineer; Sanitary Engineer; Statistician; Structural Engineer; Technical Writer; Telecommunication Specialist;
and Wetlands Specialist.

The following professional job classifications do not require a four-year degree,
but do require a minimum fifteen years recent verifiable professional experience
in the respective job category and professional designation:

Computer Specialist/CAD Technician; Construction Inspector (including roads); Construction Manager (including roads); Draftsperson; Engineering Technician (especially those with experience estimating disaster related power line storm damage); Surveying Technician; Surveyor; and Surveyor.

If you are interested and believe you meet the basic criteria, please fax your
updated resume to Civic Disaster Recovery, LLC at (703) 255-3333.